Here are the top 10 tips for you to enjoy 2017 better. These tips are summarized by AnyHelper!

AnyHelper is a startup team of college students to help international people in China. They have built a real-time online consulting system in wechat to help you connect with all kinds of local info, services and help.

TOP 10: Use different taxi apps in different situation

Although Uber China merged into DIDI last year, a lot of new taxi apps were released in 2016. Using different apps in different situations can help you save a lot of money.

*If you are in a hurry, 滴滴 (DIDI) is the fastest way to order a taxi.

*If you use taxi a lot, choose 易到(YIDAO), deposit 300 yuan or more, you can get more than 40% off the cost of DIDI.

* If you are not in a hurry and the destination is far away, reserve 滴答(DIDA) taxi 20 mins head. It will save you more than half of the cost.

TOP 9: Rent bikes on the street

In 2016, a lot of colorful bikes can be found on the street, orange, yellow, blue and green. They are rental bikes. Pretty easy to use: rent by scanning QR code and simply leave it on the street after arrive. Mobike is the most popular one and English friendly, 1 yuan for 30 mins.

TOP 8: Pay by mobile phone

Almost in every store, you can find a QR code for payment by wechat or alipay. From Dec. 2016, you can use wechat pay in Starbucks. Don’t be soooo out of date by using cash in 2017. But attention please, not that many stores support Apple pay in China.

TOP 7: Use alternatives of Taobao

There are hundreds of shopping websites in China and they also provide really good services even better than taobao in some fields.

* 京东(Jingdong): the most trustful shopping app for electronics and books.

* 闲鱼: the most popular second-hand shopping app.

* 天猫(Tmall) and 一号店: online supermarket apps.

* baopals: English friendly shopping website.

TOP 6: Enjoy free WiFi in metro and bus

In shanghai, more free WiFi are available now! In metro, download 花生地铁WiFi to use free WiFi in almost every metro station and line. The WiFi is really fast even for watching videos. Free WiFi will also be available in bus in 2017. Download 16WiFi to use it.

TOP 5: Find a new job and apply for working visa

According to some information from official visa department, the laws of working visa in China will change soon in 2017. It will be much easier for international people to apply working visa without working experience. This new law will help international students a lot in finding their first job in China.

*Here are some useful websites for hunting local jobs: 大街 (dajie), 前程无忧 (51job), 猎聘 (liepin).

TOP 4: Don’t smoke in public places

Shanghai will become the second city to ban smoking in public places in March 2017. The first city is Beijing. Individual offending smokers can expect fines of up to 200 yuan.

TOP 3: Take care of thieves and frauds

The spring festival is coming. There are a lot of thieves in crowded areas. Plz don’t leave your phone in the clothes pocket. Also to avoid the frauds, don’t take strangers’ flowers or take photos with the monkey pets, you will pay a lot for that.

TOP 2: More Places to Travel in Shanghai

There will be more places to travel in Shanghai in 2017 soon. Here are the tourist attractions which will open soon.