Missed out on our biggest event? No sweat! We got some snippets of the event for you to see.

Our first speaker, Stephanie Sekar, talked about how she transitioned from her background in fashion to her current profession in digital marketing. She now works in one of the biggest tech companies in Indonesia whilst showing us how we can implement the same techniques as she did. She also covered topics such as optimizing digital marketing for online businesses, how to start an online business and content creation.

BayuJanitra Wirjoatmodjo, our second speaker, talked about how he quit as a director in his previous job to build his start up TopKarir Indonesia, the struggles he faced throughout the process. and why wanted to create TopKarir. He not only shared tips and tricks on building a start up but also things not to avoid. He also said, “Start ups will not exist if there are no issues in this world.”

Our two speakers, Lucia Nany Lusida and Salvatus Susanto, shared their decades of experience as a transformative coach and a HR professional and the skills they acquired to become the person they are today. They prepared a special and detailed PPT for everyone to see and . Lucia Lusida shared with us the way to unlock and transform the leader within everyone starting with our mindset, whilst Salvatus Susanto showed us how to increase a company’s engagement between employees whilst following the culture of the organization.

Last but not least, our fourth speaker, Doddy Prayogo, talked about how he found the skill of investing by accident and turned it into one of his major strengths. Throughout his speech, he shared some tips and tricks for us to invest well and safely! Other than that, he showed us how to analyze the market, the fundamental and technical side of investing and how and when to invest.

Didn’t attend the event? No worries! You can watch every session below on YouTube!

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