After tons of zoom meetings & surveys, mindmapping session, and few trials & errors we finally present you guys LAPAK PERMIT!

You guys might be wondering what actually LAPAK PERMIT is, what we’re doing, how it works, blah blah blah.. 

So we decided to break it down for you guys:



Apa sih itu LAPAK PERMIT?

Entrepreneurship platform for Shanghai students and alumni by PERMIT Shanghai.



Siapa yang berkontribusi?

Permit Shanghai, Indonesian students in Shanghai, and also alumni.



Tujuan kami?

Realising our business plan, opportunities & ideas while learning and growing together at the same time.



Dimana kami beroperasi?

Currently in Indonesia due to pandemic and hopefully will be able to go back to see you guys in Shanghai. Anyway, feel free to reach us through WeChat, Instagram or PERMIT official website.



Kapan available?

    October 1st onwards!



Bagaimana kami beroperasi?

Marketplace, entrepreneurship related webinar, business partnership & collaboration, and also various kind of entrepreneurship events.

Since LAPAK PERMIT is also meant for every students in Shanghai, we’re also very open to business plan & ideas from you guys, so don’t hesitate to show us what you got and we’ll listen!

Here’s our short introduction, so stay tune for more exciting things in the future! 再见!

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